Sunday, January 13, 2013

Healthy Eating for Kids plus Chicken Fried Chicken

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Today I wanted to talk about healthy eating for kids. Now I do not have kids myself, so I don't have first hand experience (other than maybe some little cousins that can be a bit picky ;) ) but I know many people struggle with ways to get their children to eat healthy food. It seems that kids are drawn to the processed, packaged foods because that is what is frequently advertised on their television channels, and let's face it...that stuff is often pretty cheap and easy to make. And in our busy lives, cheap and easy sounds awfully appealing. But it is important to instill healthy habits when children are young so that they can grow up and have great quality of life and not suffer health problems far earlier than they should. And with the electronics being such a staple in our lives, computers, IPads, xbox, etc, kids are less physically active these days. So incorporating exercise is key as well. I have found a nice article, "10 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Heathier" . It has some wonderful advice. I also found a few websites with great healthy, kid tested, recipes:

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I think all of these sites have some great information. I hope you parents out there find it useful!

Since today is chilly out and I even saw a few snowflakes earlier, some comfort food sounds amazing to me for dinner. But the comfort food is almost always unhealthy. I happened to be watching +Food Network  this morning and came across Bobby Deen making a somewhat healthier version of Paula Deen's "Chicken fried Chicken". It looked and sounded soooo good. I like his "Not My Mama's Meals" show because he transforms Paula's food to healthier versions.  I may try to use gluten free all purpose flour instead of regular flour. I think I will cook up some frozen veggies as a side. And maybe some mashed potatoes made with red potatoes. I will put the link to the recipe on my Recipe page. You should try it too!

                                           Lastly, I will leave you with some motivation.
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Have a great Sunday. Stay active!