Friday, January 11, 2013


Happy Friday Everybody!
 If you're like me, it has been a long week with some ups and downs (cutting my finger on a serrated knife yesterday for instance lol) and you are probably too tired to exercise today. BUT THAT IS NO EXCUSE!! I literally drug myself out of bed and had to repeat in my mind, "you will work out, you will work out". I even almost let the fact that I couldn't find any socks stop me. But I forced myself and made do with what I had. I chose is workout #51 at which is my favorite free at home work out website. Today's workout was 14 minutes of cardio, strength and stretch built into one.

So back to motivation...i found this great article "9 tips for working out in the morning (without it being miserable) It has great, basic tips to help you get out of bed in the mornings. Remember, don't reach for the moon. Start slow and take baby steps or else you will get discouraged.

Have a great Friday, and I will talk to you soon!!

Here is a picture for some motivation :)