Friday, January 11, 2013

Green Stuff

Good Friday Evening Folks...

Hope you all had a great day. I wanted to do a quick update and share a few things. I will be working on my blog a lot this weekend with adding some information about myself, recipes and trying to add a question/answer forum. (with the help of my wonderful bro hopefully). I will possibly add some pictures too. It will be a work in progress to get it fully up and running with all that I want it to be, so be patient and hang with me, please!! I want you all coming back for more!

Today a few of my co-workers were inquiring about what I eat for breakfast since I was disclosing I try to eat mostly fruits and veggies during the day. So I am going to share The Glowing Green Smoothie created by nutritionist +Kimberly Snyder . It is a plant based smoothie that will help you feel better, give you more energy for the day and help clear your skin. Her website is a really nice website with tips and tricks of her own for health that she has shared. Now if you are a texture person or have a problem with the "green" stuff, you may struggle with it, but I find it has a very fruity flavor and I enjoy it. I take a few minutes on Sundays to make it and split it up into 5 cups for the week. It's great to do post workout. I find with all the vitamins and nutrients i have less cramping when I drink it after workouts. I know it seems weird, but have an open mind! :) So I wanted to share that while it was on my mind. 

If you do currently have any questions or want some advice, feel free to leave a comment and I will gladly answer!

Now relax, unwind. Have yourself a glass of red wine, like I am doing. Hey, it's heart healthy! Take it from a cardiac nurse ;)