Saturday, January 12, 2013

500 Calorie Deficit

It's a dreary Saturday. No sun shining, everything is a little wet. On days like today I do like to just curl up with a blanket, with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and read. However, I did get my workout in today. I did the same one as yesterday, ZWOW #51 . I also spent most of the morning adding an "about me" page and a few recipes to the blog. And when I am done posting, I am off to pick the dog up from the groomer! She should be awfully pretty today!

Today I wanted to share a very interesting concept that seems so simple but is very effective for weight loss. I first heard about it a nursing conference I went to a few months ago where a speaker talked about a 500 calorie deficit a day that can possibly result in a 1 pound per week weight loss. What this means in a nutshell, is cut out 250 calories from your diet and do an exercise routine that will burn 250 calories to equal a 500 calorie per day deficit. So start cutting out your sodas you drink, the cookies before bed, the candy bar at lunch, whatever it may be and start doing a vigorous 30-45 minute cardio/strength training exercise routine. And I don't mean, moseying on your treadmill ;). Something that will get your heart rate up and leave you short of breath enough you can't talk. That is how you know you are working out to your full potential. I found an article on  +LIVESTRONG.COM,( clicke here -> that explains this a little bit more and has some other tips.

Since I do not do the green smoothie on the weekends...i made my own breakfast today. And it was too pretty not to share. I scrambled two eggs, wilted a small handful of baby spinach. Then once on the plate I topped it with a half an avocado diced up , one tomato slice diced up and sprinkled a little cheddar cheese on top. It was very good!

I am curious how everyone spends their Saturdays, especially dreary ones. If you don't mind, leave in the comments below!