Sunday, January 26, 2014

Workout Plan Week #4

I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was busy, but I got a lot done and got to spend some time with people I don't usually get to. I'm hoping this week will bring great things for myself and for you too! I am on a journey to find positivity in life as I feel negativity is too present. We tend to focus on that and it gets the best of us. I find it to be mentally exhausting, which in turn causes physical exhaustion, which in turn can keep you from exercising. Don't let that happen. Find a way to work through it, to let it go. I have a very hard time with that. A great way to do that is exercise though! So having said all that,  get ready to kick it up a notch this week! Last week was a little easier, but this week we are going to burn some major calories. Be ready to be sore! I love kickboxing and it is a major calorie burner, so for this weeks cardio, we are doing Kickboxing. It will be tough but it will be a great week of working out. I hope you enjoy it!

Monday: "Kickboxing for Weight loss" by JessicaSmithtv

Tuesday:"The 12 Minute Killer Core Workout" by Sean Vigue Fitness

Wednesday: "20 Minute Yoga Flow and Stretch" by Melissa Bender

Thursday: "Jillian Michaels Kickbox Workout" by Jillian Michaels

Friday: "Max Strength-Inner Thigh and Lower Body Fitness" by BeFit

Stay Active!

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Work out Plan Week #3

Happy Sunday to ya. Hope your ready for a new week of work outs. This week I thought it would be fun to do boot camp type workouts for cardio. They are quick workouts, but will challenge you. I also continued to split up the strength days into upper body and lower body. Although each workout, you end up working a little bit of everything. This week should be effective. All workouts are relatively short, but should work you to the max. I know the last two weeks I have had sore muscles that I didn't even know I had! Get out and enjoy this beautiful day, get some vitamin D!

Monday: Navy Seal Workout by XHIT Daily

Tuesday: HIIT Fit- HIIT Workout: Upper Body and Abs by Lionsgate BeFit

Wednesday: 20 Minute Weight Loss & Fatburning Yoga Workout by Sadie Nardini

Thursday: Total Body HIIT Boot Camp Workout by Fitness Blender

Friday: Lean Lower Body Workout by Melissa Bender

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Work out plan 1-13 through 1-17+ new recipes

Happy Sunday! Hope you're ready for a new week. I know last week was tough, and this week is going to be tough too. I chose to do tabata style workouts for the cardio as they are scientifically proven to burn a ton of calories and pilates for strength. You will love the yoga this week as I chose one to really stretch out those muscles. Remember to stay focused and strive to improve your endurance and reach your goals. I want you to know that I am here for you, if you need a little encouragement or advice, please let me know. Have fun with these workouts. And if you need to modify, the best way is to take the jumping out, just step in and out of the movements. You are creating a much healthier and fitter you, so keep up the good work! Also remember to drink 6-8 glasses of water each day to maintain hydration.

Monday:"Tabata Best High-Intensity Fat Burning Cardio Workout" by

Tuesday: "Denise Austin: Abs & Core Pilates Workout" by Denise Austin

Wednesday:"20 Minute Yoga Class With Hilaria Baldwin: Deep Stretching" By Hilaria Baldwin via Plumtv

Thursday:"12 Minute Tabata Training" by HASfit

Friday:"Comprehensive Pilates Leg Workout" by

15 Minute Salmon Cakes with Fresh Tarter Sauce

Strawberry Avocado Salad

Happy exercising and healthy eating!

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

New year New You Workout plan for January 6th-10th

Here it is!

Ready to challenge yourself this week? Kick off the New Year right. Follow this workout plan to get your blood pumping, your muscles burning, and kick up your metabolism! You may hate me while you are doing these, but you will love me when your done! ;)

Monday Cardio:
"15 Minute When I Say Jump HIIT Cardio Workout" by Fitness Blender

Tuesday Strength:
"15 Minute Crossfit Workout" by XHIT Daily

Wednesday Cardio Yoga:
"Power Yoga Vinyasa Flow Cellulite Reduction FULL CLASS exercise weight loss workout flexibility" by Ali Kamenova

Thursday Cardio:
"ZWOW 53 Time Challenge Tight Body Workout" by Zuzka Light

Friday Strength:
"#1 Home Strength Training Exercise Class" by HA Sfit

I want you to check in each day on my facebook page at We need to keep each other accountable!

Let me know how you like these! I promise next weeks yoga will be a little more relaxing :)

Have fun with this and remember, you don't have to be perfect. It is completely ok to modify exercises to your level. Just as long as you are moving.

Stay Active

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