About Me

Here is a little about myself. I was born and raised in Kansas City, MO. I am married to my wonderful husband Brian, whom I would like to think is my greatest fan. We have two cats, Tiger and Lynx, a dog, Precious, and a tortoise, Freddie. I am a Registered Nurse and work in a Cardiology office. Brian and I love to travel as often as possible. We enjoy spending time with family and friends and plan to do that more. We also spend a lot of time with DIY projects around the house, as that is Brian's area of expertise. We consider ourselves wine connoisseurs...well not really, we just love wine and belong to a fun wine club where we learn a lot.

Why have I started this blog? Because while I do enjoy my nursing profession, my greatest passion has always been health and fitness. I love anything that has to do with nutrition and exercise. I spend a lot of time and energy keeping myself healthy and in doing that, I have acquired a wide range of knowledge. I feel what better way to use it but to pass it on to all that I can. Helping people is also something I love to do, whether it is physical health, mental health, how to grocery shop, how to cook healthy meals, whatever it may be. I do not claim to be a professional by any means and do not take credit for the information I find, however with my Nursing background, especially Cardiology, I see day in and day out the repercussions of living an unhealthy life. In this day and age, I feel it is extremely important for me to try to reach out to everyone I possible can to share the tips and tricks that I find.

So with that said, Thanks to anyone who take time to read my blog. I encourage you to visit it frequently, maybe even subscribe so that you can easily get my postings. And a special shout out to my little brother, Kyle, who is also one of my biggest fans, and my own personal IT guy. :)