Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday's Recipe: Chicken and Asparagus with Melted Gyuere

Happy Sunday Night.

I have been so busy every night, the last week, so I feel a little bad about not posting any actual health subjects. But that is about to change. Upcoming subjects will be importance of fiber, explanation of Tabata training, Dr. Ox's 3 day detox (does it work?) and before and after of the "Insanity Workout". So stay tuned...please!

Today i found a semi-gourmet style dinner that was AMAZING! I had some chicken breasts to use up, so I searched one of my favorite healthy recipe websites, . I found an entire list of chicken dinners 350 calories or less.

Chicken and Asparagus with Melted Gyuere
How I "Mandi-tized" it. I used gluten free flour of course. The wine I used was a naked-style Chardonnay, which means it is aged in stainless steel rather than an oak barrel. This wine pairs perfect with the strong cheese that is used. This dish has a very unique flavor with the Gyuere cheese, but it tastes like it was made in a fancy, gourmet restaurant. I served it over a little bed of brown rice along with a salad.

Try this healthy, sophisticated recipe. You surely won't be let down.

I will be doing the Dr. Oz three day detox cleanse Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. I am interested in how this will make me feel, what it does to my body, etc. I will be posting on my results.

Have a great week!

This weeks workouts:
6 pack ab challenge
Butts and Guts workout: 2 times through
I also have been doing some yoga a few times per week

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