Monday, April 1, 2013

What's in my lunch box?

I thought I would take the time to share a picture of what I am packing in my lunch box today. I often get asked exactly what is it that I eat throughout the day and what better way to share than with a pretty picture!
So what I have is half an avocado, a couple slices of deli chicken lunch meat, about 9 baby carrots, 2 tbs of garlic hummus, a small cluster of grapes, an orange and strawberry greek yogurt. I will most likely have the yogurt for a mid morning snack, eat the grapes, avocado and chicken for lunch and save the carrots, hummus and orange to eat throughout the afternoon. So what I have is a day packed with a lot of great nutrients, protein, good fat and fiber. I will stay full and satisfied with healthy nutritious foods. Sometimes I think it is easier to see a picture rather than just read about something. This is so easy to through together as everything is already prepared since it is all mostly fresh!! I am all about ease and this works perfectly for me. Maybe it will inspire you in your lunch packing process! ;)


Have a great Monday (I know, the words "great" and "Monday" really don't go well together, but try!).

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