Sunday, June 2, 2013

Recipe of the Week: Pepperoni Pizza

Long time no blog, I know, I has been hectic! We also have been eating very simple, so I haven't had any new recipes to share for a while. But I have something to share today!

Today Brian found a semi-healthy pizza recipe. We thought it would be fun to make it on the pizza stone on the grill. I made mine with gluten free crust and we jazzed up the sauce with Italian seasoning. We also used no sodium tomato sauce in the recipe. I used turkey pepperoni as well (this saves quite a bit of fat and calories). It is a nice summer spin on pizza.

EatingWell's Pepperoni Pizza

I hope you try it and enjoy it! You can put your regular pizza dough straight on your grates too if you don't have a pizza stone or cook it in the oven.

Have a great Sunday evening.

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